We offer a variety of proofing options. Contact us for specific information on the proofing types and what we recommend for your needs.
· Color Laser
· Large Format Inkjet
· Digital Cromalin

File Transfer

We accept files on CD, DVD, Floppy, Zip 100 and 250, and USB Flash Drives. Media with numerous files should include a printed directory of the contents and any special notes about what files we should use.
We do accept files via email, however, file sizes must be limited to under 8mb per email (files should be stuffed or zipped).
File transfer services such as dropbox, transferbigfiles, hightail, google and many others.
For more Email or FTP requirements, see PDF "E-Mail/FTP Guidline".

Plate Ready Files

We do accept plate ready files. All files must be in one of the applications we support (see sidebar), and all trapping, stepping, and distorting must be complete and all fonts should be converted to outlines. There are some exceptions, contact us for more info.
We also accept Digital Plate ready 1bit tiffs generated by NexusRip. These files must have proper screening, cutbacks, and resolution set before we can use them.
For more plate ready art requirements, see PDF "Plate Ready Guidline".