Welcome to Ray Schumann and Associates, Inc.

Raymond H. Schumann founded Ray Schumann and Associates Incorporated in 1954. He selected a location in downtown St. Louis and opened a trade shop servicing offset printers. In the early 60's, Dycril plate making was added to the facilities. Ray Schumann and Associates expanded its location to midtown St. Louis in 1963.

In November 1973, we moved into our present office, located at 1347 January Avenue. Since then, we have expanded our facility twice. Ray Schumann and Associates recognized the growth of the flexographic sector of the printing industry, and in the early 70's, the DuPont Cyrel photopolymer printing plate was added to our expanding services. With the rapid growth of both narrow and wide web flexographic printing processes, Ray Schumann and Associates became a pioneer in the St. Louis area. From our original 12 x 18 processing equipment, we have continued to reinvest in new equipment and now have the capability of producing photopolymer-printing plates up to 52 x 80.

With a full service graphics and prepress department which features ArtPro pre-press software, Esko software, and a wide range of proofing systems, Ray Schumann and Associates continues to be one of the leading flexo prepress company in the Midwest.

Ray Schumann and Associates is proud to bring our clients the next level of quality in flexographic printing. In late 2003, we added Digital Flexographic plate making to our services. Schumann Digital Flexo offers digital color proofing based on custom color profiles from individual printing presses as well as the unsurpassed quality of flexographic printers without the headaches or added expense of film imaged plates.

With an ever-watchful eye towards the future, Ray Schumann and Associates continues to reinvest in equipment that will enable us to grow in the prepress segment of the printing industry. Through our company, we provide our clients with the very best quality and cost efficient products available.