At Ray Schumann & Assoc., Inc., we are pleased to offer our customers the quality and speed of Digital Flexo.
However, we realize that not all flexo jobs can be done with digital plates and remain committed to offering our customers analog flexo plates for jobs that require it.
We continue to maintain a full system for analog flexo plates including film output, exposure units, and our new Dupont Cyrel 3000BP plate processor.

Available Analog Flexo Material and maximum sizes:
.067 EXL - 42x60
.067 NOW - 24x30
.067 TDR - 24x30
.107 EXL - 30x40
.112 EXL - 30x40
.125 TDR - 30x40
.250 TDR - 30x40
Spot Coating Plates:
.067 SKOR Metal Back - 25x40
.045 CL4P - 36x42
Other material types and sizes available by special arrangement.